Established in 1986, tucked into the Prospector Square neighborhood of Park City, Designer Hardware, Inc. is Intermountain West’s source for architectural hardware for doors, windows, and cabinetry as well as bathroom and kitchen fixtures such as designer sinks and faucets. Rather than featuring 10 or 20 national brands, Designer Hardware has access to more than 100 hardware lines—including artisan pieces and lines exclusive to our store—allowing customers to get that unique, custom look without traveling to Los Angeles or New York to get it. Designer Hardware, established 25 years ago, boasts specialists at selecting hardware that complements existing décor or creates a fresh new look.

As our business has grown over the last 25 years, we have chosen to separate the distribution aspect of our business from the showroom. The result is Designer Hardware remaining as our distribution and service business, and the birth of our showroom, ‘AHNA.’  AHNA stands for beauty and elegance, and that is exactly what we provide for our clients homes.

We will travel to our client’s home or project site to measure and complete an order eliminating the chances of inaccuracy issues. If you’re across the state, across the country or around the world, we can help; we have completed entire projects using blueprints, sketches and pictures of the site in question. Contact us so we can start working on you project today, putting our expertise and full range of products at your disposal.

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